Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors

Product name锛Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors




Ultrasonic fuel sensor is geared to all kinds of vehicles, such as logistics cars, taxis, buses, commuter trains, etc.

鈼 Using non-contact ultrasonic measuring technology;
鈼 Monitor fuel situation in real time to prevent the oil theft and guarantee traffic safety;
鈼 High measuring accuracy and high stability;
鈼 Resistant to corrosion;
鈼 Anti-pollution and anti-explosion, easy installation.

Technical Parameters 

Working Voltage: 9-36V 50mAMeasure Range: 5cm-200cm(custom Max 2M)
Operating Temperature: -40鈩冿紞80鈩 
Pressure Range: -0.1MPa~32MPa
Level Height Accuracy: 3mm
Level Measure Accuracy: Technical 0.1L/Practical 1L
Working Environment: Moisture-proof ( detector), acid-proof, anti-interference, anti-explosion, flame retardant, anti-seismic)
Device interface: RS232, analogue output
Voltage sampling port: output voltage range: 0.10~6.0V
computational formula for actual liquid level and voltage output: 13311.3*Vx+176 (unit: 0.1mm)

RS232 port:  
the default baud rate 19,200, each 10s interval sensors measured fluid level in real time (unit 0.1mm), temperature (unit 0.1鈩). Baud rate according to user needs to modify, and transmit data time interval.
Yellow wire: connect RS232 output port of gps tracker; Blue wire: connect RS232 input port of gps tracker;
Green wire: connect analog wire of gps tracker; Black wire: connect earth


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