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LED display parking sensor system

LED display parking sensor system

Product name锛?/strong>LED display parking sensor system



Constitue:1 control box, 4 sensors,1 LED monitor, a string of power lines
A. Buzz indicator (buzzer built-in the display)
(1)1.5m—0.8m: Bi,Bi,Bi
(2)0.8m—0.4m: Bi,Bi,BiBi (the closer, the faster)
(3)0.4m—0.0m: BiBi…(continuous beeping)
B. Visual indicator
(1)2.5m—0.3m: display the distance accurately
(2)0.3m—0.0m: display 00 and you must to stop
(3)Five sets lights in three colors (green denotes safe, yellow denotes warning, red denotes stop), two sides lights indicate the orientation of obstacles, the number indicate the distance between obstacle and vehicle.
Technical specification:
Working voltage: 10V~15V OR 24V
Working current: 200mA
Max Power: 4W
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
Working temperature: -30鈩?span lang="EN-US">~ +70鈩?/span>
Alarming volume: 63dB
Alarming distance: 1.5~0.1m
Display distance: 2.5~0.3m 

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