About Us
                     Company Overview
LONGSUN is a leading manufacturer and provider of acoustic components traced back to 1999. We specialize in R&D, design, manufacturing and sale of our main products below to international market:

Ultrasonic sensors
Piezoelectric buzzer
Dynamic and piezoelectric receiver
Transmitter & microphone
Rocking armature transducer
Siren transducer 
OEM & ODM product

and so on, LONGSUN who consists of ultrasonic sensor factory, loudspeaker factory and piezoelectric buzzer factory, with total employees over 2000, more than 20,000 square meters production areas, all are managed under ISO 9001: 2008 certificated system, meanwhile with our strong R&D team and up-to-date production equipments based in our factory, we provide customers with the high-quality products and efficient service to meet your different requirements. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide best acoustic solutions and zero defect quality products to meet our customer's satisfaction and beyond their expectations.

Business philosophy: 

R & D: upgrading technology, creating the requirement, sharing the profit;
Quality: mutual cooperation, quality upgrade, customer satisfaction;
Service: reasonable price, delivery on time, service in time. 

We believe our success comes from the trust of our customers! 

For more information, please email or call us, you will get our response within 24 hours

Company Snap Shot

Factory Brief Introduction
鈻築usiness Type
鈻篩ear served in industry   1999    
鈻篍xport Percentage 85% 鈻築rand Names    Longsun
鈻篘o. of Staff over 2000 鈻篘o. of R&D Staff   50
鈻篘o. of Engineers over 70 鈻篘o. of Operater   2000
鈻篜roduction Capacity 200,000,000pcs/M 鈻篛EM Service Provided  Yes
鈻篜roduct Range
Ultrasonic Sensor
Piezoelectric Buzzer
Mylar speakers
Dynamic Receiver
Piezoelectric Receiver
Piezo Element
Siren and Alarms
鈻篎actory Size  25,000m2
Production & Measurement Instrument:

鈻篠oldering Machine 鈻篈utomatic Gluing Machine
鈻篎our Dots Dispensing Glue Machine 鈻篊oil-rolling Machine
鈻篣ltrasonic Soldering Machine 鈻篠ignal Generator
鈻篠pot Welding Machine 鈻篟eflow Soldering Machine
鈻篠ound Level Meter 鈻篈TB Analyser
鈻篗agnetism Fill Machine 鈻篐igh Temp Case
鈻篈uto Taping Machine 鈻篐igh-permanent Temp Case
鈻篈uto-control Served Test System 鈻篈ir compress Machine
鈻篈ir Rivet Machine 鈻篍lectric-heat Permanent Temp Dryness Case
鈻3D software Large Tern-control Dryness Case          

In house Capabilities:

Quality Certification: ISO9001, TS16949;
 Protype and Tooling Capabilities;
 CAD Design and 3D Design Capabilities;
 Environmental Testing Capabilities;
 Plastic Components Injection Capabilities;
 Metal Stamp Capabilities

Industries Served by Longsun Acoustic
Industry Served End-Products Our Components
鈻篗obile GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA
PHS Mobile Phones etc
Mini Speakers, Receivers
Transducers, Buzzer
鈻篢elecommunications PDA Phones
Hands-free headsets MFDS etc
Transducers, Buzzer, 
Miniature speakers, Ultrasonic Sensor
鈻篊onsumer  Electronics Game Consoles, Scanner Machine,
data process equipment, Bar-code machine; Digital Recorders, Alarm Clocks, MP3 Players, Walkman etc
Ultrasonic sensors,
Buzzer, speaker
Home Appliances  Washing Machines, Air-conditioning Units, Answering Machines, Corded and Cordless, Phones and Video Phones, Ultrasonic Repeller, Building Alarm etc  Ultrasonic sensors, buzzer, miniature speakers, receiver,Siren, Alarms 
Automobile Vehicle Signal Indicator, In-vehicle Acoustic Beep, Click reminder devices, Parking Sensor Reverse Radar Mlyar Speakers, Buzzer, Ultrasonic Sensor
Medical Devices Electronic Blood Pressure Sensor, Medical Measurement Devices Buzzer, Speaker 
Architecture Ultrasonic Distance Measure , Water Level Meters, Intelligent Toys, Robotics, Burglar Alarms, Range Finders, Liquid Gas Flow Detection, Wind Speed&Direction Detection, Automatic Control, Proximity Switch  Ultrasonic sensor, Buzzer
*Notes: Application will increase with market development.